Free inspections offered for flooded homes in Conway

Free inspections offered for flooded homes in Conway

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The City of Conway is giving free home inspections after flooding devastated several communities. Monday marked the first day many residents were able to get a look inside their homes, and Conway city leaders were right behind them to assess the damage.

“We want to go door to door let them know 'hey listen, we saw the water in your yard, we saw the water in your house, now we’re coming back and we want to see the damage done so we can help you in the repairs,” said Planning Reviewer Alex Cook. "We don’t want a contractor coming in and telling you, you have to replace all these things in your home when you don’t have to.’ So we’re looking to give a little advice as well.”

Residents and city workers have been boating in the Lakeland Drive area to check on houses there.

"I took a kayak from 12th Avenue back and forth every day,” said resident James Shelley.

“You can’t come out here every day and really it not touch your heart in some kind of way,” said Cook. "We kayaked through here. I walked in waiters through here multiple times. I was here before the flood with family and friends helping people move stuff out.”

Around 300 homes were damaged in the City of Conway. While a tragedy like this is never easy, Cook says he was in awe by the support and help from the community.

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