Goose Creek police adding traffic safety officer

Goose Creek police adding traffic safety officer

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - The Goose Creek Police Department is adding a traffic safety officer thanks to a state grant.

The South Carolina Department of Safety Justice Assistance grant is worth $128,170 and will pay for the salary of one traffic safety officer for one year as well as a car and equipment.

Assistant Chief of Police Maj. John Grainger said Goose Creek has seen an increase in traffic accidents which is mostly due to the growing population.

He said they see about two to three fatal crashes a year.

Grainger said the traffic safety officer will be solely in charge of traffic enforcement and the department will use their own data to assign the officer to specific locations.

“We issue a top five listing around town [every month] as to where the collisions are,” said Grainger. “As you can imagine, they’re usually going to be at different places along the two U.S. highways.”

Those highways are U.S. 52 and U.S. 176, which Grainger said are Goose Creek’s busiest roadways.

“The officer will focus their efforts there, and aside from court and training, they will be at those locations all of the time enforcing traffic regulations,” Grainger said.

The goal right now is to move a current patrol officer into this role and fill the patrol officer opening. The department does plan to reapply for the grant next year.

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