29th Annual Wooden Boat Show brings needed business to Georgetown

VIDEO: 29th Annual Wooden Boat Show brings needed business to Georgetown

GEORGETOWN, SC (WCSC) -An annual event has brought a needed influx of new business to Georgetown following a series of mandatory evacuations in the last month.

On Saturday, the 29th Annual Wooden Boat Show took over Georgetown’s downtown.

Front Street shops extended open hours and vendors lined the edges of downtown for the boat show which is scheduled until October 21.

Shop owners say they expect approximately 5,000 people will be in town for the show this year. The event takes place every third weekend of October.

Georgetown businesses took a huge financial hit last month after being forced to close for mandatory evacuations related to Hurricane Florence and an expected catastrophic flooding two weeks later.

“I was closed eleven days, some a little less and some a little more. Everyone here suffered a lot from being closed for evacuations,” Ron Rader, the co-owner of Coffee Break Café said.

Rader said he lost at least half of his normal projected business for September, so the extra money from the boat show was needed.

“Typically, on boat show weekend is the busiest weekend, its twice what I would normally make,” Rader said. “I think we are making business up today with the boat show, there’s a lot of people around, we are having a lot of fun in Georgetown.”

Rader said this year seems bigger than it has been before. He believes the national attention on the small town might have brought in attendees.

“I can see that there are new people everywhere, people are spending money, I can tell from my time here there is a difference,” he said.

The festival is the first of many events scheduled in Georgetown. Rader said people shouldn’t miss the upcoming Bridge to Bridge Run and the Taste of Georgetown.

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