Marine 1st Sgt. accused of stealing $1.5 million worth of razors from Parris Island

Marine 1st Sgt. accused of stealing $1.5 million worth of razors from Parris Island

BEAUFORT COUNTY, SC (WTOC) - A Marine first sergeant and three civilian employees have been accused of stealing over $1.5 million of razors - yes, razors that you shave with - from a Marine Corps recruit store warehouse at Parris Island.

There were other stolen items too, but surprisingly, most of that $1.5 million of stolen goods were razors and razor blades.

This all started around January of 2017 and lasted until this past June. According to the indictment, First Sergeant Lascelles Chambers asked civilian employee Sarah Brutus to steal boxes of high-end Gillette razors and razor blades from the recruit store on Parris Island. Brutus then introduced Chambers to two men - Tommie Harrison and Orlando Byson - to help with the conspiracy. Both men worked at the recruit store warehouse.

Court documents say the two men stole the boxes of razors every week from the warehouse. Because they worked there, they could disable the security cameras. The stolen merchandise was allegedly delivered in person to Chambers until he was transferred in March 2018 to Florida. The razor blades were then sent through the mail.

Court documents say Chambers would sell the stolen merchandise to people in different states and share the profits with the three others. The indictment also says Chambers wired some payments to Harrison from his Navy Federal Credit Union account.

We reached out to the Marine Corps on Thursday. Marine spokesman Major Roger Hollenbeck gave us this statement on the charges.

“The legal team at Parris Island is the lead for the preferred charges. The case is pending an article 32 hearing which has yet to be scheduled. This hearing will determine the Marine Corps' next course of action.”

We will continue to follow this case and update you on any future developments.

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