Haunted Charleston: Battery Carriage House Inn

Haunted Charleston: Battery Carriage House Inn

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - In a historic city that preserves remnants of the past, it seems natural that former inhabitants would still lurk about. In Charleston, you’ll find that spirits are just as much a part of the city as the living. At least that’s what those at the Battery Carriage House Inn say.

In the second part of our Haunted Charleston series – we’re taking you to the MOST haunted hotel in downtown Charleston. Reportedly, it’s home to several ghosts.

While the owners have never seen the supernatural themselves – guests and employees have had some odd encounters.

The Battery Carriage House Inn is located on South Batter, right across from White Point Gardens. This year, the inn is celebrating it’s 175th anniversary.

Elizabeth Kilminster, the General Manager of the inn, says people come there for a specific reason… GHOSTS.

“They bring all kinds of equipment and light meters and heat meters and they’ll leave their cameras set up in the room,” Elizabeth said.

There are apparently several ghosts around the property and in certain rooms. Specifically – if you were to go upstairs, down the hallway and enter Room 10.

“So I’ve heard this is the gentleman’s room and that it’s supposed to be a friendly ghost that’s like a grey silhouette,” Grace Simar, a new employee, said.

Grace just started at the inn and hasn’t had any encounters herself but says she has heard stories.

“Apparently one couple who stayed in here said the man felt like he couldn’t fall asleep. And he really felt a presence come through the door. He didn’t want to wake his wife and scare it away. Then he said he felt it lie down on the bed with both of them. But it seemed really peaceful and not bothering them. Once he woke his wife up – he immediately felt it disappear.”

In chatting about encounters that had happened at the inn – Elizabeth mentioned a man named Steve Skinner who had stayed in Room 10.

“So he had a sophisticated piece of equipment that takes energy and then kind of connects the dots so it becomes sort of a stick figure,” Elizabeth said.

One night – Mr. Skinner caught something. In one video he sent, it shows a “stick figure” touching and then standing on top of his wife’s head while she was sitting in bed. The second video shows a “stick figure” sitting in a chair along the back wall. After several seconds it “jumps” to the window and appears to hang on the curtains for several more seconds before disappearing.

“I used this camera several times each day and night that we were there but that night was the only time I captured anything on it,” Skinner said.

“It’s hard to explain some of the things,” Elizabeth added.

While they’ve heard about multiple encounters, Elizabeth and Grace agree it’s an experience they’d rather not have.

“I’m a bit of a scaredy cat so I don’t know if I could stay in a room because it seems pretty believable,” Grace said.

“I just kind of tell them, ‘If you’re here, that’s fine – I just don’t want to see you. Leave us alone.’ So it’s worked so far,” Elizabeth said.

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