Berkeley County School District responds to parents’ safety concerns

VIDEO: Berkeley County School District responds to parents’ safety concerns

MONCKS CORNER, SC (WCSC) - The Berkeley County School District responded Friday to complaints and worries from parents about the recent threats of violence in the schools.

A BCSD spokesperson says that the schools are as safe as they can make them without “crossing the line between a school being a school and a school turning into a prison.”

A Berkeley High School student was arrested on Thursday for having a gun in his bookbag during class. The week before, another BHS student was arrested for threatening to shoot students during lunch.

When some parents found out about the incidents, they said that they immediately felt fear for their children’s lives.

The district says they want to address those parents so that any nerves may be calmed.

“Every tip we get is investigated to the fullest extent, we don’t just toss it to the side, we look at every tip that comes in,” BCSD Safety and Security Director Tim Knight says.

He says that every single one of the county’s schools now have “storefront” entrances in their schools. This means that the front entrance to every school has the initial row of doors to get into the school that put visitors into a small area before another row of fully locked doors. While in the enclosed area, the visitor then has to identify themselves with a form of identification to the receptionist. They are then put through the list of registered sex offenders and other tests before they are able to sign in and go to the hallways.

Knight says the school administration in the buildings are thoroughly trained for many violent situations.

“We are doing everything we can to make sure that when kids come to school they are safe, a variety of different ways,” Knight says.

The BCSD administration says they are planning meetings that will begin in January 2019 for any parents with questions or concerns to attend. The superintendent and the security director will be there as well saying they are open to hearing suggestions.

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