CCSD: Gethers-related emails would cost $11K to pull

CCSD: Gethers-related emails would cost $11K to pull
(Source: Krueger, Nick)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Attorneys at the Charleston County School District estimated it would cost more than $11,000 to fulfill a public records request related to the Marvin Gethers case.

In September, we asked for a copy of any CCSD emails related to the discovery and/or investigation of inappropriate material on Marvin Gethers’ computer.

We specifically asked for correspondences between 26 former and current staff members whose names have come up throughout our investigation. That included Superintendents and Associate Superintendents, Human Resources staff, Employee Relations staff, 2014 School Board members, IT staff, and the school’s principal.

The district has repeatedly said there is no one currently working in the district who was making decisions in the Marvin Gethers case. They haven’t been able to explain why he was allowed to keep working at the school even after he was caught with child pornography and was under police investigation.

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We are trying to obtain copies of emails from that time to see who was making decisions.

We narrowed our request to specific months:January and March 2014 (when the material was discovered and Gethers was eventually reported to police), October 2014 (when Gethers was promoted), and January to March 2016 (when Gethers was fired, arrested, accused of molestation and arrested again).

On October 3, the district responded saying the emails we requested about the investigation are public record but that it would involve district officials going through more than 70,000 emails.

They estimated it would take 240 hours of work searching and redacting.

They estimated a charge to Live 5 of $11,220.20.

We then amended our request, narrowing it down to only include emails to and from the principal about the Gethers investigation during those same timeframes.

CCSD said that would involve 1,100 emails and cost $2,485 for searching and redacting.

He have since narrowed our request further.

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