USGS confirms 2 small earthquakes Friday morning in Summerville

VIDEO: USGS confirms 2 small earthquakes Friday morning in Summerville

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The U.S. Geological Survey confirmed a pair of small earthquakes in the Summerville area Friday morning.

The first earthquake, a magnitude 2.2, struck 3.7 miles underground at approximately 9:06 a.m. The second quake, also a magnitude 2.2, struck at approximately 11:42 a.m. Its epicenter was 2.7 miles underground.

Multiple viewers reported hearing the large booms as well as feeling shaking in Summerville, particularly in the Nexton area. Most described two large booms and some also said they felt shaking.

The times of the earthquakes reported matched the general times viewers described experiencing booms or shaking.

Some viewers said they heard booms in North Charleston, Edisto, Lincolnville and Goose Creek. Some described them as the sound of “distant thunder.”

The College of Charleston’s Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences confirmed there was no sign of an earthquake in the area, but the USGS confirmed the quakes Saturday morning, nearly 24 hours after the booms and shaking were reported.

The USGS normally reports on earthquakes worldwide of magnitude 5.0 and larger in 30 minutes or less. Earthquakes smaller than 5.0 may not be located as rapidly unless they cause significant damage or are widely felt.

Summerville Police Lt. Thomas Peterson said on Friday his agency had not received any calls reporting the quakes.

The Summerville area has seen earthquakes before. One of the most recent quakes in Summerville happened on March 2 when a magnitude 2.3 quake was reported just off of O’Sulivan Lane near Highway 61.

A 2.6 magnitude quake shook the Summerville area on Aug. 25, 2017.

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