‘No red flags’ from Newberry High student who fled after gun fell out of backpack, sheriff said

‘No red flags’ from Newberry High student who fled after gun fell out of backpack, sheriff said
Anthony Quavadre Blakely.

NEWBERRY, SC (WIS) - The suspect involved in the gun incident at Newberry High School is in custody. Anthony Q. Blakely was arrested by Sheriff’s Deputies near the Chapin Exit on I-26.

The schools will remain under alert mode for the remainder of the day until the situation is completely investigated. No one was injured and no shots were fired.

During a press conference Tuesday, Sheriff Lee Foster said Blakely exhibited no red flags before Tuesday’s incident, with some students telling WIS that they don’t think he meant for this to happen.

But Sheriff Foster said it was the first opportunity that the school had to utilize their panic button technology which was purchased for incidents like this. There was also a school resource officer on campus. Sheriff Foster said she responded immediately to the teacher’s call. In fact, the second law enforcement officer, a Newberry City police officer, was the sister of the school resource officer.

The sheriff’s office said Blakely, 18, was in class when a magazine for a semi-automatic pistol fell on the floor out of his bookbag.

The sheriff’s office says a teacher noticed and alerted his students along with the approaching the student. Then a pistol fell out of the bookbag and onto the floor.

“The teacher began to attempt to take control and the student gathered the weapon and fled the classroom,” the sheriff’s office said.

Both the school district and the sheriff’s office said there was no active shooter or shots fired inside the school building.

The school’s administration utilized the “active shooter” alert during this incident and law enforcement and first responders went to school to complete the lockdown. Video evidence shows that Blakely fled the classroom and went across the street and retrieved his car from the Burger King parking lot.

No one was injured and no shots were fired in the incident.

The school district’s spokesperson said the school took security measures while an active investigation is taking place at the school and could not speak any further on the incident.

Newberry Co. Sheriff's Office update on student who fled school after gun fell out of backpack >>> https://buff.ly/2TbmLC6

Posted by WIS TV on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

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