Beaufort Co. teacher’s license revoked amid criminal charges

Beaufort Co. teacher’s license revoked amid criminal charges
. (Source: AP)

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) - The South Carolina Board of Education revoked the license of a Beaufort County teacher facing charges that she had sexual relations with and served alcohol to underage students.

Brittney Whetzel was previously charged with two counts of sexual battery with a student and for giving alcohol to underage kids.

Police say Whetzel invited a coworker and two to three male students to her home, where she had alcohol and then had sexual relations with two of the students.

Her teaching certificate was temporarily suspended in April when those allegations came to light. A report from the board states Whetzel did not request a hearing with the state Department of Education, and the state board voted in October to revoke her license. The revocation took effect Tuesday, the report states.

“The State Board finds the evidence presented demonstrates that Ms. Whetzel engaged in unprofessional conduct and demonstratated an evident unfitness for position for which she was employed,” the revokation order states.

She was previously an English teacher at Battery Creek High School.

Her criminal charges are still pending.

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