Change in state golf cart laws means steeper penalties

VIDEO: Change in state golf cart laws will mean steeper penalties starting Monday

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Beginning Monday, penalties for violating laws involving golf carts in South Carolina are getting tougher.

Under the change, a $100 fine or even up to 30 days is possible.

South Carolina has always had laws that golf cart drivers must follow, but starting on Monday November 19 those rules will have consequences if broken.

The current South Carolina laws are listed below:

  • The golf cart must be registered through the DMV. 
  • The golf cart must be insured. 
  • The driver of the golf cart must be at least 15 years  of age AND a licensed driver. 
  • The driver must stay within 4 miles of the address the  golf cart is registered to. 
  • Do not drive at night. 
  • Drivers must only drive on secondary roadways, no  primary roadways. 

If any of those rules are violated, police say they have the right to ticket and charge that driver.

Primary roadways defined by Mount Pleasant Officer William Martin are highways, major main roads leading to cities, such as Coleman Blvd. in Mount Pleasant, and interstates.

Martin says that these penalties are not to punish anyone, but to protect them and the people around them.

“It’s all about keeping people from breaking the rules, we don’t want to ticket anyone, just follow the rules and be safe,” Martin says.

One man who grew up on Sullivan’s Island driving golf carts for as long as he can remember says the penalties seem to be a little excessive.

“I understand there are dangers, but it seems like a lot just for a golf cart law,” Park Fuller says.

Golf carts aren’t the only ones getting changes to laws or penalties on Monday. As of Monday all Mopeds will also have a slight law change as well. They will now have to be registered with the DMV unlike before when they did not need to be.

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