Date set for CCSD legislative committee to meet

Date set for CCSD legislative committee to meet

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - In one week, state representatives and senators will meet for the first time in a newly-formed Ad Hoc committee.

The group was formed in response to a series of Live 5 stories regarding former employee Marvin Gethers.

The Charleston County School District caught a Dunston Elementary school employee with child pornography on his school laptop in 2014 but didn’t fire or suspend him for two years while police investigated.

Marvin Gethers was charged with the pornography and child sex assault but has since died.

The Charleston County School District (CCSD) Personnel Procedures Ad Hoc Committee will be chaired by Representative Marvin Pendarvis. It was formed and announced by Rep. Peter McCoy, Chairman of the Joint Delegation in Charleston County.

“I’ve been seeing this since you all started uncovering this weeks ago. Community members are upset,” Pendarvis told Live 5 when the committee was first announced on Oct. 24.

Pendarvis feels especially invested in the investigation because he grew up within walking distance of Dunston Elementary.

“People had a lot of questions about what happened. To many of those questions, most of those questions, there weren’t any answers. As a delegation, I think we have a duty to get to the bottom of what happened and find out the truth. That’s really what this is. It’s a fact-finding investigation. One that seeks the truth to find out what happened, what led to this, and what can be done about it moving forward,” Pendarvis said.

He said the committee will not only dig into the Gethers case. The mission is defined as ensuring “fair and equitable treatment of all of CCSD’s employees but also to make certain that their current policies are being adhered to by supervisory staff.”

A legislative committee can investigate, hold hearings and issue legal subpoenas for witnesses to testify. CCSD has repeatedly said they welcome the discussion and will cooperate.

The committee will meet on Nov. 26. The details are pending release.

We will keep you updated on this investigation.

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