Isle of Palms enforce parking regulations

Isle of Palms enforce parking regulations

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The City of Isle of Palms just finished putting up new parking regulation signs on Palm Boulevard, 41st avenue, and Waterway Boulevard.

Regulations for parking have been in place for a few months, but city officials said they couldn’t officially enforce them without the signs.

Now, “parallel parking only” and “No Parking 4 feet of pavement” signs are displayed up and down the boulevard.

For beach parking between 21st and 40th Avenue, a permit is not required to park on either side of the boulevard. However, vehicles must parallel park along both sides and be 4 feet from the pavement.

Before the changes, cars used to park perpendicular to the road, which the mayor of Isle of Palms said was dangerous. Cars also won’t be allowed to double park on the passenger side of any vehicle that is parallel parked.

The mayor of Isle of Palms Jimmy Carroll said these regulations will improve safety.

“When you come out here in the summer time, Palm Boulevard is like a parking lot already," Carroll said."You barely crawl through it, and there’s so many people and kids coming out running across the road. We put public safety as number one.”

He said that parking 4 feet away from the road will also make it easier for people to open their car doors fully, with no problems.

Residential parking districts will also be enforced year-round.

This means vehicles in those areas must display a valid resident parking permit or special permit.

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