Murder of 19-year-old SC woman in 1978 could be linked to confessed serial killer, sheriff says

Murder of 19-year-old SC woman in 1978 could be linked to confessed serial killer, sheriff says

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The Richland County Sheriff’s Department is revealing information on a cold case that could be linked to a possible serial killer who has confessed to 90 murders.

Sheriff Leon Lott says he was an investigator on the case of 19-year-old Evelyn Weston’s death in September 1978, who was found shot in the head. He says the confessions of 78-year-old Samuel Little, currently being held in a California prison on murder charges, led him to believe that he could be linked to the crime.

Little, after being denied appeals to his sentencing, began confessing to murders, totaling up to 90 murders. Lott says his office has been working with Texas Rangers on a number of the confessions.

“Some of the stuff he’s said doesn’t match, but I think it may end up being that he’s killed so many people that he just can’t remember all of them. He can’t remember the facts,” Lott said. “But some of the stuff he’s told us does match and only the killer would know that. So, that’s what’s really piqued our interests.”

Lott says the information is not a “100 percent” certainty, but the information Little provided sync up to their investigation.

“The time period, the location, certain things we discovered from the crime scene - all of those things matched...military base,” Lott said. “Things only the killer would know - those are the common denominators.”

Lott says they believe this is the only murder linked to Little in the area. He had no connection to the Midlands area and traveled a lot. Because Little has only confessed to one law enforcement officer in Texas, getting the details of the Weston cold case murder may take a while.

Lott says his investigators are working to locate Weston’s living relatives and hopes to bring closure to her family and this case.

The sheriff also spoke about the lack of technology in 1978 compared to now and hopes today’s advances can help close this cold case.

WATCH: RCSD reveals information on cold case murder possibly linked to confessed serial killer

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