Inhabitants of Goat Island in South Carolina moved ahead of colder weather

Inhabitants of Goat Island in South Carolina moved ahead of colder weather
The goats of Goat Island in Murrells Inlet were evacuated Tuesday ahead of colder weather.

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) – If you visit Murrells Inlet over the next few months you may notice something is missing: the goats of Goat Island.

“If I had a quarter for every time somebody asked me about the goats I could probably just sit on the dock here and answer questions," Catch 1 Sportfishing Captain Kerry Gehman said.

For the past 24 years, the owners of Drunken Jack’s have put the goats on the island to help keep the underbrush down.

The inhabitants of the popular tourist attraction were moved to a warmer location on Tuesday ahead of cooler weather. This is something crews do every year during the annual goat roundup.

But many wonders why the goats were put on the island in the first place. One local said he knows the answer.

“The whole story, see years ago, people used to grow weed on the island so Al came up with an idea to get some billy goats to stop people from growing weed," Jerome “Bubba Love” Smalls, a Murrells Inlet local, said. "So during that process, the goats were keeping the island clean so he kept bringing them back every year.”

But goats are not the only animal that lives on the little island. In the summer of 2006, the owners of Drunken Jack’s made the decision to give the goats some new friends - peacocks.

Russel said the goats and the peacocks live together in harmony on their very own “Goat Island.” This always makes for a great conversation piece while diners are enjoying their time at Drunken Jack’s Restaurant.

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