State report cards show North Charleston has some of the worst rated schools in county

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VIDEO: State report cards show North Charleston has some of the worst rated schools in county

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Parents are accustomed to their child bringing home report cards, but this week the state graded the schools.

The report cards show 40 percent of Charleston County schools were rated below average by the state. Of the 89 state rated elementary, middle and high schools, there were a wide range of scores that appear to show a geographical disparity.

The majority of unsatisfactory and below average schools appear to be in North Charleston.

Most of the excellent and above average rated schools appear on the map to be in Mt. Pleasant.

“It’s not shocking,” Charleston County School Board Member Kevin Hollinshead sad. “A lot of this is geographically based on where people live. The people in Mt. Pleasant move there for better schools they have worked hard for many years to build better schools and great programs.”

Hollinshead also said social backgrounds play a part in these results.

“The home environment means a lot in getting a child to learn but the teacher is the next person they go to when things don’t work right in the home life,” Hollinshead said.

Only one Mt. Pleasant school was graded average by the state, the rest were rated good or excellent.

In West Ashley, James Island, and downtown Charleston the schools generally had average scores aside from magnet and charter schools.

“I’m just anxious to see how we’re going to pull together to yield some positive changes,” Hollinshead said.

District officials said they’re looking for growth opportunities and what they should do next.

“This means going into the next year with lots of areas for growth and lots of areas for opportunities,” Joseph Williams with CCSD said. “It means we as a district need to support these schools and figure out what they need to celebrate their scholars. I look at institutions of learning as focusing on growth and that’s reasonable, that’s acceptable to me and my opinion.”

Live 5 News is working on analyzing all tri-county school districts report card data.

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