Former NCPD officer facing second lawsuit for false arrest

Former NCPD officer facing second lawsuit for false arrest

EDITOR’S NOTE: Though the lawsuit spells the former officer’s last name as “Ghe,” Live 5 News confirmed the correct spelling is “Ghi.”

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A former North Charleston police officer is being sued for false arrest for the second time.

A North Charleston man claims officer Dante Ghi arrested him only because he ignored the officer’s order to go down the street from his home to play basketball.

The federal lawsuit names the City of North Charleston, Mayor Keith Summey, Police Chief Reggie Burgess and former officer Dante Ghi as defendants.

According to the suit, in October 2017, 17-year old John Jackson III was playing basketball in front of his house on Rio Street.

The suit says a neighbor complained that the ball went onto her property. She said Jackson used foul language.

“A good kid, no arrest history, was working supporting his mom at the time,” Jackson’s attorney Jerod Frazier said Tuesday.

Officer Ghi was dispatched to the call. The call was captured on Ghi’s body camera.

In the video, Ghi tells the teen playing ball in the street is a violation of city law.

“Can you do me a favor 'cause I’m trying to be nice, not a jerk. Can you use that goal down there to play basketball? That way you don’t take any chances bumping into that car,” Ghi is heard saying to Jackson.

The suit claims Ghi then tried to grab Jackson's arm and Jackson pulled his arm away.

Ghi then asks Jackson why he didn't obey him.

“Did I curse you? Did I yell at you and then you resisted when I said give me your hands? That’s resisting arrest. You ready to go to jail for a felony? Are you Mr. Jackson, are you?” Ghi says in the video.

Ghi charged Jackson with disorderly conduct, a charge his lawyer says was dropped.

“He wanted to show who was boss and he wanted to take him to jail,” Frazier said.

We obtained a copy of Officer Ghi’s employment record from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.

Records show in September of this year, Ghi resigned from the North Charleston Police Department during pending internal investigations involving policy violations.

In September 2002, Ghi was fired from the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office for misconduct following a complaint that he assaulted a man during a domestic violence call.

Frazier says in this case his client is suing for false arrest, assault and defamation of character.

"We're not gonna stop until we get John the justice he deserves," the attorney said.

The other false arrest suit against Ghi is still pending.

In that case he's accused of falsely arresting two teenagers at Northwoods Mall in 2016.

He currently is an officer for the Summerville Police Department.

VIDEO: Former N. Charleston police officer facing lawsuit claiming false arrest

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