Christmas light displays worth thousands of dollars stolen from Lowcountry home

Christmas light displays worth thousands of dollars stolen from Lowcountry home

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Colleton County Sheriff’s Office is trying to track down the person who stole $6,000 worth of Christmas lights and displays from a Walterboro home.

Deputies say it happened sometime between last Friday and Monday on Peniel Road. The Crosby family have put their hearts into what they call the Lights of Peniel.

“That’s a grinch that would steal something like this,” Cathy Crosby said.

They have 160 light displays that are all handcrafted and free for the public to access during Christmas time. Barry Crosby welds the shapes and his wife Cathy is in charge of the lights.

“Last night Barry was going to a meeting and he called me and he said,'The mustang is gone and the jack-in-the-box.' And I was like no you’re kidding, he was like no it’s gone,” Cathy said.

Not all grinches live in storybooks.

This one came to Walterboro.

“Which just saddens our heart because our heart is in this stuff. We build everything ourselves for the community, and for someone to just come and steal it, it doesn’t make any sense,” Cathy said.

After more than a decade of sharing their display with the community this is the first theft. The family says four displays are missing that include the jack-in-the-box, a tricycle, a drum and sticks and a mustang.

The mustang is one of Barry's favorites.

“I have no idea how many people come through. I would say hundreds of cars,” Barry said.

If this were like a real grinch, next would come a change of heart.

“If anybody has any information just tell the people that took it to bring it back,” Cathy said. “Just drop it off in the yard and be done. If you broke the bulb, you can’t replace them. They are special bulbs so it won’t do anybody any good. So bring our ornaments back and let the community enjoy it."

The family says they might not have the attraction next year if the stolen items are not returned. They are willing to offer a reward for the recovery of the displays and lights.

The Lights of Peniel are open to the public from dark until around 10 p.m.

If you have any information about this case you are asked to call The Colleton County Sheriff’s Office at (843) 549-2211.

“Criminals that carry out such selfish acts deprive our community of the values that support the true meaning of Christmas," Sheriff R.A. Strickland said. "I am confident that someone out there will do the right thing and help bring the individual(s) responsible to justice."

The family pays more than $1,000 for the electricity bill to operate the display.

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