CCSD documents show eight technology use violations

CCSD documents show eight technology use violations

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston County School District documented eight technology use violations over the last five years on computers, cell phones and other devices.

Our request for this information stemmed from our Marvin Gethers investigation.

Gethers was an employee at Dunston Elementary caught with child pornography on his school laptop in 2014. We found out he was not immediately fired or put on leave while police investigated for two years.

He was later charged, arrested and fired. Gethers denied wrongdoing and died last year.

CCSD and a state legislative committee are now investigating the situation.

In September, after our initial story aired, we asked CCSD how many other technology violations they’ve discovered in recent years.

In a letter this week, our attorneys prompted CCSD to respond to that Freedom of Information Act Request because the legal deadline to respond had passed.

Documents were provided Tuesday.

A CCSD spokesperson tells us that the district has about 6,000 employees. While not every one of them has a laptop or cell phone, many do.

According to the employee relations reports provided, there have been eight violations documented on CCSD computers or other technology over the past five years.

The descriptions include:

  1. Possession of illegal software connected to CCSD computer (Unethical/Unlawful Use violation)
  2. False or deceptive identity provided to the helpdesk (Unethical/Unlawful Use violation)
  3. Use of computer to draft and send cover letter to Craigslist posting (Personal Use Violation)
  4. Performance/ misconduct: tape recording students (Personal Use Violation)
  5. Allowed students to use computers that teacher logged onto (Security violation)
  6. Inappropriate personal photos on school computer, inadvertently transmitted (Employee misconduct; Written warning issued)
  7. Showed an inappropriate video to class (Employee Misconduct; 1-day Suspension)
  8. Showed sexually explicit material on her cell phone to coworker (Employee Misconduct; Terminated)

We had also requested copies of the actual incident reports for each violation and are still waiting for those.

It is unclear which, if any, of the above incidents are related to Marvin Gethers.

CCSD holds mandatory training each year for staff to go over appropriate technology use and what district policies are.

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