N. Charleston police believe 14 robberies in Midland Park may be related

N. Charleston police believe 14 robberies in Midland Park may be related

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - North Charleston police say 14 armed robberies in the Midland Park neighborhood may be related.

Investigators say armed robbers have been targeting the neighborhood since July and haven’t slowed down. The detective heading up the investigation says most of the victims have been Hispanics.

“They’re easy targets. They are walking by themselves or they’re standing outside not paying attention to their surroundings, so they’re easy targets,” said Lt. Al Kuechler."They’re carrying cash and that’s what they’re after."

According to incident reports in some of the holdups the bandits are getting a lot of cash. In one case, a man was robbed of more than $3,000.

Other victims had their phones taken. One had his sneakers taken.

Kuechler says police have stepped up patrols in Midland Park, hoping to identify suspects. He says it’s possible there have been more robberies that have not yet been reported.

“We might have victims out there that have been robbed in this area and have not called us in fear of retaliation or they know the people in the neighborhood. They’re just scared,” he said.

Cops hope to put the brakes on these bandits before the crimes get to the next level.

"A lot of these robberies, they're armed with handguns, these suspects, so that's a big factor," Kuechler said.

Until arrests are made, police are asking folks in Midland Park to report anyone or anything suspicious.

Kuechler also suggests not to carry a lot of cash, walk in groups and walk in well lit areas.

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