Deputies searching for thieves who took off with $2k worth of equipment from Little League field

Deputies searching for thieves who took off with $2k worth of equipment from Little League field

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office is looking for the person who stole $2000 worth of lawn equipment from the Barrier Islands Little League Field.

Leaf blowers, lawn mowers, lawn fertilizer, and more were all taken from the shed that houses the indoor practice equipment and lawn care items.

Little League practice starts in January for the Johns Island teams, but the field managers say they are worried the field won’t be up to its usual standards in time without the equipment to maintain it.

“All the equipment, hammers, mowers, blowers, everything we need for the fields was stolen,” Todd Gerhart, field volunteer says.

One Little League parent says that this sport is all about teaching character, so when he had to explain this crime to his kids he wasn’t sure how.

“Usually they are asking why, why someone would do that. They don’t understand. How do you explain that to them? You explain it’s not a good thing. It’s a bad thing. It’s something you just don’t do,” said Todd Rieger, a parent.

Rieger says they keep finding more things missing as time goes on.

On Thursday, he went to set up a tent for an event on Saturday at the field, but quickly found out that the sledgehammer was missing too.

“Went into the shed, found it missing. It’s disappointing. People are stealing from kids,” Gerhart says.

None of the equipment has been returned, according to Rieger, but he says he still has hope that they can get the fields ready in time for the season start up in January.

“You’re going to have bad days but there is always tomorrow. Wake up, do it again, wipe the dust off, move forward,” Rieger says.

The Barrier Island Little League field has started a GoFundMe account to try to get donations so they can purchase equipment to get the fields ready for opening day.

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office says they do not have any leads for this case.

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