City officials feel more prepared for flooding with each storm, studying for future

VIDEO: City takes measures to combat flooding

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - On Sunday, gates and signs blocked drivers from several City of Charleston streets as storms moved through and the high tide came up.

Charleston City officials say they’re doing better to prepare for, not only the flooding this weekend, but for the future also.

Charleston Chief Resilience Officer Mark Wilbert says the city is becoming better prepared with each storm.

“Each storm we are learning a little more. This is the third weekend of extreme high tides as we learn more we will try to be strategic and keep roads open,” Walter says.

Charleston City Crews were out as early as Thursday preparing for the weekend weather in hopes more roads could stay open. Charleston City Police Officers were also out blocking flooded streets and keeping people from going into areas they shouldn’t.

“We ran ditch and storm drain cleaning since yesterday, we also have pumps strategically located through the city to keep the main arteries open if we get a downpour on top of tide,” Wilbert says.

One of the downpours did come through the downtown area, trapping a few drivers in their vehicles.

“I was on my way to church, saw other cars pass through, I’ve driven through water like this before, but I just got stuck this time,” Grady Edwards says.

Wilbert says the situation Edwards was in is what they are trying to avoid in the future by studying the flooding patterns and getting in front of them.

“We want to do what we can, this is something we can’t stop the tides or rain,” Wilbert says. “So until we get these big infrastructure projects done we will provide temporary solutions, we feel better about each and every time we are out here, trying to learn to do right things in right places.”

The Queen street parking garage was also opened for those who live in flood-prone zones to help keep their cars safe.

Wilbert says there will always be more to learn when it comes to keeping the city safe and dry.

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