Man claims dog was killed by neighborhood pitbulls

Man claims dog was killed by neighborhood pitbulls

LINCOLNVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Paul Walsh claims his 4-year-old Pitbull Boxer mix was killed by two pit bulls Sunday night.

He said this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

““Where does the common sense come in to say,'Hey these dogs are killing other dogs, and maybe kill somebody or somebody’s child.' We should get these dogs off the street because their owner can’t keep them inside the fence," Walsh said.

Walsh said he was home last night when his son told him the dogs were attacking his dog named Angel in his fenced-in yard.

He said he grabbed his shotgun, and when he went to the backyard he saw the dogs viciously biting Angel.

Police reports state that when deputies arrived on the scene, the pit bulls were still around and one of the deputies recognized the dogs.

The report states the dogs belonged to Brittany Rodriguez, who has been cited for animal attacks before.

Neighbors say one of the Rodriguez’s dogs killed another dog just a week ago.

Other police reports show that this isn’t the first incident.

One woman who filed a report said her dog Rusty was killed by another one of the Rodriguez’s dogs in front of her grandchildren.

Rodriguez said that she has more than 10 rescue dogs and personal dogs.

She said it was one of the rescue dogs who killed Rusty, and he gave him to an animal shelter.

Rodriguez also said that her dogs usually are not aggressive, and believes this whole incident has been blown out of proportion.

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