New details released on CCSD teacher on administrative leave after license revoked

New details released on CCSD teacher on administrative leave

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A Charleston County teacher’s personnel file showed more information about the employee who was put on administrative leave after the state of West Virginia revoked his teaching license.

We obtained a copy of his personnel file at CCSD through the Freedom of Information Act.

It shows when Jack Dailey applied to Charleston County schools, his resume included pictures of post-it notes, thanks and praise he’s gotten as a teacher.

He was hired at Baptist Hill Middle High in Hollywood as a business applications teacher. On his application, Dailey wrote he was moving to Charleston for his son who attends Coastal Carolina.

But the West Virginia Department of Education said there’s no evidence he even has a son.

They believe he was representing a former student referred to as “T.N.” as his son.

Dailey’s relationship with T.N. is at the center of the West Virginia DOE order revoking his license there. It says he was sexually involved with that student who secretly moved in with him.

A quick search online shows articles from 2012 when Dailey was suspended twice in one school year, then resigned.

It’s unclear why he was hired here with those incidents in his background.

On his application to CCSD, when asked if he’d ever been asked to resign or resigned to avoid termination, Dailey answered “No.”

The South Carolina Department of Education said they summarily suspended Dailey because he may pose a threat to health, safety and welfare of students. That suspension is pending what happens in West Virginia.

Court officials in Putnam County, West Virginia said no criminal charges have been filed against Dailey at this point.

The sheriff’s office there has not responded yet about whether they are investigating.

Right now, Dailey has been on paid administrative leave for 88 days with CCSD.

According to Charleston County School District Spokesman Andy Pruitt, CCSD took that action after it learned of a hearing conducted by the West Virginia Board of Education on Sept. 15.

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