Concerns raised after CCSD teacher gets moved to different school following investigation

VIDEO: Concerns raised after CCSD teacher gets moved to different school following investigation

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Some parents are concerned after a Charleston County School District teacher was placed back in the classroom following a district investigation.

Former School of the Arts teacher Stephan Whaley was put on administrative leave in September as part of an investigation. The district said Whaley was moved back to active status this week and started a position as an English teacher at Deer Park Middle School.

“I don’t think that’s okay. if that’s the person you want to be go somewhere else,” Kristy Vitalis, whose son is a seventh grader at Deer Park Middle School, said. ”I’m not too happy about it.”

Whaley’s personnel file shows that he was placed on leave one day after a parent emailed School of the Arts administrators and claimed their child described bizarre behavior from Whaley in the classroom.

The parent said in the email they also looked up Whaley online, and that’s when they said they saw a social media presence they weren’t expecting.

“These videos and screenshots below are from Mr. Whaley’s public Facebook page,” the parent said in an email. “His reference to black people as ni***s, people as sluts, whore, c**t, his agreement in the video below that ‘white people are to blame for everything,’ his statement that he’s just ‘collecting on his ancestors back pay,’ and his other comments about women and transgenders are highly (offensive), and they help explain the odd behavior in the classroom.”

"I don't see how all his stuff was, it was the same district he was on leave from, how he gets to go back to another school in the same district,” Vitalis said.

It’s unclear if Whaley’s new principal knew anything about his background.

"I know they need teachers, they need help whatever. So, I think they bypassed whatever thing was, the issue, said ‘let’s see if they can him in here and get away with it’,” Vitalis said.

CCSD officials said they cannot comment on personnel issues.

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