Mourning Mother’s March Against Gun Violence held Saturday

VIDEO: Mourning Mother’s March Against Gun Violence held Saturday

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - On Saturday, dozens of community members and law enforcement marched the streets of Downtown Charleston to stand up against gun violence. Those who participated shared their stories of loved ones killed in shootings and shared pictures of the child they no longer.

During the March of 1000 Mourning Mothers, participants asked the community to think twice before taking permanent action when angry.

Chanting could be heard as moms and family members walked through the downtown neighborhoods.

Some mothers said there must be alternate ways for conflict to be solved without using guns or making bad decisions.

“It’s not individual, it’s a community problem we have to speak up to stop the violence,” Tisa Whatk, a mourning mother said.

Some local police department officers said there is nothing harder than telling a mother that her child has been killed, so they are striving to keep the community safe.

“If we save one life it’s worth it, just one life, all these families will agree the goal and vision is to save lives,” Charleston Police Chief Luther Reynolds said.

But to do that, Reynolds says the community must come together to be involved with not only law enforcement but each other as well.

“We’re a powerful partner, together in building that trust and engaging in the community we can make a difference and have an impact,” Reynolds said.

Organizers say this march is only the beginning and they won’t stop until their kids are safe on the street again.

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