James Island, Charleston inch closer to moving boundary for new fire station

VIDEO: James Island, Charleston inch closer to moving line for new fire station

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - In order to make it easier for everyone involved, the City of Charleston and the town of James Island continue to work together to move the city’s boundary so James Island can build a new fire station with less red tape.

Tuesday night will mark the second reading of the ordinance at James Island town council as well as a public hearing about moving the line. The issue centers around the corner of Prescott and Folly Roads, where the James Island-Charleston line runs right down the middle of the proposed property for the fire station.

A new station is necessary because of the 2016-17 widening of Folly Road, which firefighters say slowed response times because they couldn’t get out of the station quick enough because of extra traffic lanes.

The plan calls for James Island’s line to be extended by about 100 feet so that the entire property can be in the James Island Public Service District as compared to a piece of it belonging to the City of Charleston.

James Island officials hope to break ground on the new station by Summer 2019 and finish the new James Island Fire headquarters by 2020. A meeting about the shift begins at 5 p.m. Tuesday night at Charleston city hall.

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