Woman captures video of ‘UFO’ over Kiawah Island

UFO over Kiawah Island (Source: Debra Thomson, Kiawah Island Girl ® 2018)

KIAWAH ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - It looks like people aren’t the only ones interested in one of the top destinations in the U.S.

Debra Thompson captured video of a circulating and pulsating object in the sky above Kiawah Island on Christmas Eve.

“It was moving toward my direction and also seemed intelligently controlled,” Thompson said in the post.

Thompson said around 9:33 p.m. she went outside to unplug Christmas decorations on her tree outside when she saw the object.

“I noticed this beautiful red sphere in the sky,” she said."I knew it was not Venus, it was in the North West Sky."

Thompson said she called the airport where officials said they saw nothing on radar.

“I haven’t seen any sign of UFO’s in months out here,” Thompson said."It really is quite amazing when you see one that seems to ‘splat’ out of another dimension and then change into a round shape with other spheres and go in formation into a head wind."

Viewers have suggested that the object looks like a sky lantern.

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