New HOA law in effect in South Carolina

New HOA law in effect in South Carolina

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A new Homeowners Association law is now in effect throughout South Carolina.

The law, first introduced in March 2017 and passed in May 2018, requires HOAs to be more transparent and gives neighbors a new way to report problems with their HOA.

Some of the new requirements for HOA's include documenting meetings and putting any rules and regulations in county public records.

The law also states the Department of Consumer Affairs will field complaints filed from homeowners regarding their HOA’s, the department will then present the complaint to the HOA's board of directors, giving the board the opportunity to respond. The DCA will submit an annual report to the General Assembly showing any complaints and responses.

The new law will also impact realtors and anyone selling land, they will now be required to disclose if the property is run by a homeowners association.

Neighbors in the Waterbridge Community are in favor of this new law, including a man who once protested his HOA on Carolina Forest Blvd.

"It seems like the rules have changed here. Certain things were not allowed now they're allowed. Even with our pool if you go back a couple years. Sometimes you could bring a raft or tube and the next day you couldn't and days later you could again and it doesn't seem right. There should be a set of rules that are correct and everyone should know what they are. I should know what the rules are and they shouldn't just change,” said Waterbridge resident Robert Urbancik. Horry County officials say HOAs rules and regulations will be publicly available through the register of deeds.

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