The Citadel to keep live mascots in wake of bulldog bedlam at Sugar Bowl, PETA statement

VIDEO: The Citadel to keep live mascots

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The moment instantly went viral on social media.

Uga, the University of Georgia mascot, was set to meet Texas mascot Bevo the steer on the sidelines of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome during the Sugar Bowl Tuesday night in New Orleans.

Instead, cameras caught Bevo charging toward Uga, who along with photographers narrowly escaped a horn.

PETA was unhappy to say the least, crafting a memo to teams telling them to end the use of live mascots.

“This frightening near-tragedy is yet another example of the reason most colleges and professional sports teams retired their live-animal mascots decades ago,” the statement said in part. “And the handful who haven’t yet should quickly follow suit.”

The Citadel in downtown Charleston has two live bulldogs named Boo and General who are mainstays at football games. Despite the call from the animal rights group, the school plans to keep them.

“Boo and General will continue to proudly serve their beloved institution as mascots,” Citadel spokesman John Dorrian said in a statement. “They are cherished members of The Citadel family, and are well-cared for at all times."

“The Citadel long ago adopted the bulldog as our mascot after an article described our football team as playing ‘with the tenacity of a bulldog.’ That’s an ethos we are very pleased to perpetuate amongst our college community, and Boo and General play a critical role.”

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