Cottageville zoo recycling Christmas trees with goats

Cottageville zoo recycling Christmas trees with goats

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A zoo in Cottageville is offering people a unique way to recycle their old Christmas trees this year.

Bee City Zoo, on 1066 Holly Ridge Ln, is using unwanted Christmas trees to feed goats housed at the zoo.

The owner of the zoo, Scott Biering, said they have been feeding old Christmas trees to their goats for about seven years.

Biering said the goats enjoy eating the trees, but the trees also offer nutrients that help keep the goats healthy. Most trees donated to the goats come from friends, family and customers of the zoo.

But Biering said the zoo will take anyone’s Christmas tree of their hands.

They are also looking into organizing a more formal Christmas tree recycling program next year.

Officials from the National Fire Protection Agency said earlier on Thursday that the agency is strongly encouraging people to remove Christmas trees from their homes now that the holidays are over.

“Christmas trees are combustible items that become increasingly flammable as they continue to dry out,” NFPA’s Vice President of Outreach and Advocacy Larraine Carli said. “The longer you keep one in your home, the more of a fire hazard it becomes.”

Biering said if you want to donate a Christmas tree, it cannot have any decorations other than the raw Christmas tree.

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