Marvin Gethers Investigation: Who knew what when

Marvin Gethers Investigation: Who knew what when

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Our investigation of Marvin Gethers and his alleged victims continues after a lawsuit was filed in Charleston County Court on Wednesday.

It alleges a third young boy was a victim when he was 7-years-old and went to Dunston Elementary where he was molested multiple times by Gethers.

The 58-page lawsuit filed in Charleston County Court outlined accusations against Charleston County School leaders who were in charge back in 2014.

Dr. Nancy McGinley was the superintendent at that time, and it’s still unclear how much she knew.

Nathan Dias was an IT security engineer, the lawsuit explained, and is the person who turned over Marvin Gethers’ computer to police after child porn was detected on it.

We reported last year that in his police statement, Dias said he notified CCSD’s Jeff Scott of the situation immediately. Scott was the school district’s Director of Security at the time and is currently Director of Transportation.

Employee Relations Director Wilbert Suggs was looped into the criminal investigation on a 2014 email from Dias to a police detective. Suggs also signed for Gether’s laptop on this evidence log, according to police records. He still works at CCSD.

Last August we found a letter in Gethers’ personnel file, which he wrote “To Whom it may concern” after his computer was seized. He begged for a second chance and claimed he looked at adult porn only on the computer.

The new lawsuit alleges that letter was specifically to Associate Superintendent Dr. James Winbush.

The victim’s attorneys say Winbush and Gethers had a friendship dating back to working together at Baptist Hill High School in the early 2000s.

In the personnel file, we found an email where Gethers called Winbush his “friend and confidant.”

The suit states, “Due to a longstanding personal relationship between Winbush and Gethers, Winbush convinced CCSD to turn a blind eye to the reports of Gethers’ criminal acts in order to protect his friend and employer.”

Winbush was a supervisor over Janice Malone, Dunston Elementary’ s principal in 2014. She is currently the Principal of Sanders Clyde Elementary.

In her 2016 police statement, Malone admitted she knew of the pornography found in 2014 but said she was never told it involved children.

Evidence submitted with the lawsuit included a snapshot of a comment on Gethers’ online obituary, allegedly written by Malone in 2017.

“My heart aches for my colleague and dear friend,” it says. “He will be missed greatly by the Dunston Primary School community where he remains highly respected!”

The comment was posted more than a year after Gethers was arrested and charged with child porn and child molestation.

Last month in an interview, Carter Coyle asked current CCSD Superintedent Dr. Gerrita Postlewait if all these individuals had been questioned.

She said most had, but that they were asking Wilbur Johnson to speak to more people who may have information. Johnson was hired by CCSD to investigate internally. Postlewait said some former employees had refused to cooperate with Johnson’s investigation, so the district still does not have a full picture of what happened at that time.

We asked the school district for a response to the allegations against those current and former employees outlined in this lawsuit.

They are out of the office until Friday and said will not provide a comment at this time.

We have also reached out to these individuals named in the suit but have not received responses yet.

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