New Year New You: tips to stay motivated in the gym longer than the first 6 weeks

New Year New You: tips to stay motivated in the gym longer than the first 6 weeks

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) -Walter and Jennjfer Orechwa are already conquering the new year ahead.

“We workout together it makes it fun and when the other dosen’t want to go the other one does so its accountability and we like that,” Orechwa says.

Walter says he has come a long way from where he once was on his fitness journey.

“I’m trying to continue to loose weight so i have gone from 265 to 235 my goal is now 215 so I’m going to keep pushing towards that goal,” Walter says.

Summerville Orange Theory fitness coach Cameron Porter, says keeping your workout commitments don’t have to be hard.

He says start off with keeping your goals short and simple.

“So you want to be realistic with goals, they are going to keep you on track and making sure your getting the most of this new year,” Porter says.

In order to stay on track you not only need to make those goals but put them in writing so you can see them, he added.

“Have an agenda develop a plan of what you want to accomplish and what milestones you want to hit," Porter says. “Be patient with it don’t go at it and say if I’m not fit in two weeks I’m done.”

Porter also says its important when it comes to fitness success to switch up your workout routine and keep the body guessing.

Also, keep track of your success along the way by measuring your success with either weekly or monthly weigh-ins. Tracking your success and milestones Porter says will help you stay focused along the way and make you think less new years resolution and more new year’s restart.

Most of all Porter says have fun with your workout routine.

“Make it a habit part of a daily routine like a reward and escape where you go to recharge yourself that’s what motivates me,” says Jennifer.

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