Ordinance aimed at limiting growth in Mt. Pleasant passes town council

VIDEO: Ordinance aimed at limiting growth in Mt. Pleasant passes town council

MT.PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - A new ordinance which passed Mount Pleasant town council on Tuesday night will try to stunt the town’s growth.

The town currently grants around 1,200 permits for new residential development every year, according to Mount Pleasant Mayor Will Haynie. That number is based on what's called a percentage growth rate, so it can change every year.

The ordinance fixes that number at 600 units for all new residential development, so it wouldn’t change unless brought before council again.

“I feel like they may have shot themselves in the foot," Executive Director of the Charleston Homeowners Association Patrick Arnold said. "When you put a permit cap in place... what you end up doing is encouraging sprawl so people are just going to be using the roads more and commuting further and they won’t be paying taxes in the city so the problem’s actually going to be worse and harder to fix.”

Mount Pleasant Mayor Will Haynie sees it differently.

“We are delivering on our promise to our citizens to slow growth, to a sustainable level, protecting our infrastructure and quality of life,” Mount Pleasant Mayor Will Haynie said in November.

This, in theory, would cut growth by about half in the town. It would not have an effect on new apartments being built though as those are already under a temporary building ban.

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