Critics opposing I-526 say it’s not worth the money

VIDEO: Critics opposing I-526 say it’s not worth the money

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Some Johns Island residents are opposed to the new I-526 plan that was approved last week.

On Thursday, Charleston County Council along with the State Infrastructure Bank voted to move forward and complete the I-526 project.

While many supported the approval on Thursday, some residents say the extension is not worth the amount of money that is needed to fund the project.

Rich Thomas has lived on Johns Island for more than 10 years.

He said the county may be spending too much money on this project instead of looking for alternatives that could cost less.

“I’m completely opposed to it,” Thomas said. “ It doesn’t demonstrate any value for the amount of money. There is no money.”

Critics say the extension will only save around 30-40 seconds of commute time and they’re worried about what they’ll do once the road is over capacity.

Thomas told me he’s also worried about the amount of money tax payers will have to spend to complete this project.

County Council Chairman Elliot Summey said last week that funds from this project will be coming from several areas including the half cent sales tax and sources outside the state. But residents like Thomas still believe the plan should be nixed.

Thomas believes there has not been enough transparency from the council to the public before moving forward with the voting.

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