SC lawmakers look to change hunting license requirements

SC lawmakers look to change hunting license requirements

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -- A new bill could change the regulations on acquiring a hunting license in South Carolina.

Currently anyone born after 1979 is required to take a hunters education course but this course could become mandatory for hunters of all ages.

However, Senator Harvey Peeler wants that age restriction changed, requiring anyone of any age purchasing a hunting license to go through this education course.

“In the south guns are a way of life,” said Mike Kent.

Mike Kent has been bringing the Gun Show to Myrtle Beach for nearly 15 years and said the safety regulations for guns has changed significantly over the past decade and stands firmly for proper gun safety training.

“To me it’s of the upmost importance there are so many people who feel they have to own a firearm, but never grew up around firearms,” said Kent.

We did reach out to Senator Peeler for more about the bill but have not heard back at this time.

When posting the question on Facebook asking for your opinion, a large portion voted that they were for the proposed regulation update but some feel the changes aren’t necessary.

One person posting, “A lot of us have been safely hunting for 60 years. Kind of an insult and not particularly necessary.”

Aidan Meadows took that class at his school and while he’s not an avid hunter, he found the information very informative.

“It makes me feel good that he’s gone through the course and knows basic gun safety,” said his father, Craig Lebendig.

While Kent does feel the restrictions on guns continues to get tighter he is still open to these hunting changes.

“To me if you’ve never been through a hunter safety course it’s a great and valuable thing,” said Kent.

The hunters education course is offered by the Department of Natural Resources, taking about eight hours to complete for under $25 dollars.

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