Parent Survival Guide: The benefits of working out together

Parent Survival Guide: The benefits of working out together

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) -Zoe Orechwa, 14, loves to stay active with her parents.

She is a member of the cross country team at her high school and says working out with her family is not only fun but important.

“We all push each other to keep going,” says Zoe.

Her mother, Jennifer, says she and husband Walter have always kept their four kids busy in sports and other activities.

She says giving them something fun to participate and an appreciation for staying active is her goal.

Jennifer says working out together is just the cherry on top.

“It’s a nice way to participate in something as a family and compare sore muscles together,” she said. “That aspect brings us closer together and we talk about the class and compare notes together, and it brings us closer that way.”

Summerville Orange Theory Fitness coach Cameron Porter agrees.

“It’s a great time to say, ‘Hey guys as a family what ca we do not only as family bonding but that we are top notch in the new year,’”says Porter.

Often times Porter says kids get more involved in physical activity when they see their parents doing the same thing.

“You often mimic what your parents are doing. So you want to lead by example,” says Porter.

For Zoe the support of her family and even friends goes far beyond just working out together.

Her family also push her to go further on the field during meets, and she says conditioning for the season has gotten easier with time and dedication in the gym.

“It’s hard at first but it gets easier. And if you have friends it helps,” says Zoe.

“I do love looking at our children and seeing this has had an influence on them. They do mimic what we do and we have a bigger influence than we know. They actually want to do what we showed them even though they would not admit it,” says Jennifer.

Porter says in addition to the physical benefits from working out together as a family it also makes it easier to keep one another accountable.

He says there’s no better motivation than striving towards an end goal with those you love next to you.

Not to mention, the time spent as a family away from TV, computers, phones and electronics.

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