Residents of homeless tent city in Ladson concerned about cold weather

Residents of homeless tent city in Ladson concerned about cold weather

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - Homeless people living in a tent city in Ladson are trying to get ready for frigid temperatures that are coming Sunday night.

The encampment is located in a wooded area off College Park Road with about a dozen adults calling it home.

"We're like a village," said DJ Williams who lives in the tent city.

Live 5 News learned about it after someone sent a Facebook message, saying they were worried about the welfare of the people living in that area.

Many of them have been here since July.

“I made some poor life choices, and I did eight years in prison,” said tent city resident Joseph Anthony.

Anthony and Williams came to the Charleston area looking for new starts.

They wound up in the tent city, and so far no one has asked them to pack up and move out.

“No one’s complained. If anything, to know we’re back here is helping us more than anything,” Williams said.

One of the people who’s helping them is Frances Griffin of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Summerville.

Griffin visits the tent city on a regular basis.

“I care about all my brothers and sisters. Yes I do,” Griffin said. “Giving them rides to doctors appointments, getting I.D’s, taking them to go wash their clothes, bringing them what they need when they need it.”

There’s concern about the super cold temperatures that are coming Sunday night.

“It’s cold, thirty degree temperatures. t’s kind of hard to keep warm, but we keep a little fire, a little burned fire,” Williams said.

And they look out for each other, with their eyes on a better future.

“We have a plan, we do have a plan. This won’t be long term, but it’s temporary until we can get our breath beneath our wings,” Williams said.

Anyone who would like to help the people in the tent city can call Frances Griffin at (843) 469

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