You Paid For It: City wellness programs

You Paid For It: City wellness programs

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Healthcare costs for many Americans are on the rise, and local cities are finding ways to encourage employees to stay fit and healthy.

The City of Charleston pays $4,000 a year for a nutritional website called Eat Right for Life that all employees can access.

City workers also have access to a $20 gym membership which is refunded if they go to the gym eight times in a month.

Other wellness benefits include mobile mammograms at the city health fair and a program workbook to quit smoking.

A city spokesperson says they find these programs have improved city employees' health and saved in insurance costs, bringing them under budget on city healthcare.

The City of North Charleston spent $3,655 on its program in December. It’s a wellness effort they’ve had for about eight years to keep folks healthy and healthcare costs in-check.

In Mount Pleasant, employees can earn money for things like running a marathon and donating to charity.

They all agree such incentives cost some money up front but likely save thousands of tax dollars over the years.

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