Man spends month in jail for laundry detergent; deputy said it was heroin

The deputy was fired for allegedly falsifying drug tests, jailing 11

Man jailed over false test that ID'd laundry detergent as heroin

MARTIN COUNTY, FL (WPBF/CNN) - A deputy has been fired after being of accused of putting 11 innocent people behind bars.

The sheriff said the deputy faked multiple drug test results.

One victim, who spent a month behind bars, said firing the deputy is not enough.

Matt Crull said he appreciates something as mundane as making dinner after spending more than a month behind bars for a crime he didn't commit.

"Very surreal when you're sitting in jail with a half a million dollars bond and you can't go anywhere, knowing that you didn't do wrong," he said.

Crull is one of 11 people recently released from the Martin County Jail. The sheriff said they were all falsely arrested by Deputy Steven O’Leary.

The sheriff said O’Leary was somehow faking the results of drug tests.

In Crull’s case, O’Leary claimed to find 92 grams of heroin in Crull’s van and arrested him for drug trafficking.

But he said the heroin O’Leary found was actually laundry soap.

“I really freaked out. I started panicking and didn’t know what to think,” Crull said.

For 41 days, Crull woke up in a jail cell.

Eventually, crime lab testing proved it was not heroin, and Crull and others arrested by O’Leary were set free.

Crull wants the deputy to be criminally charged.

“I’m not saying he ruined my life, but he definitely caused me a lot of emotional distress and a lot of stress on my family,” he said.

Crull said even though he wants the deputy prosecuted, for now he’s focused on moving on with his life.

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