Tips to make the best Super Bowl party snacks

Tips to make the best Super Bowl party snacks

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner, and what makes any pre-party special? The snacks.

We caught up with Quaker Steak and Lube, known for their world famous wings, to find out how to make our tailgate standout.

1) Variety is the spice of life

With so many different taste buds and flavor profiles, don’t be afraid to go global with your food choices. A taco station can also pair with some veggies and humus, and adding some Asian-styled wings can give everyone something to look forward to. Also, make sure to ask guests ahead of time for any allergies.

2) Prep your space

There’s nothing worse than having people rummaging through your kitchen looking for extra fork or napkins. Set your utensils, napkins, cups and plates in one central location where people can easily access it. Lay down disposable table cloths for easy cleaning. Also, keep necessities away from the food station so it remains neat and clean for guests to go up for seconds...or thirds.

3) Theme it up!

The Superbowl is once a year so why not do it big for cheap? Dollar stores can be great ways to find fun and easy party pieces like whistles and referee cards, some turf-inspired tablecloths and of course, anything and everything football related.

We’d love to see how you’re celebrating the big day so feel free to send us a photo of your delicious Super Bowl spread.

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