James Island homeowners concerned with upcoming SCE&G tree trimming

James Island homeowners concerned with upcoming SCE&G tree trimming

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Dozens of James Island homeowners say they are looking forward to having their voices heard at the upcoming SCE&G meeting regarding tree trimming.

The meeting is Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at the James Island Town Hall.

SCE&G representatives will be there with maps of area they will soon be trimming and examples of past trimmings they have done.

Neighbors say their centuries old trees are a Lowcountry staple, so they don’t want the power company to mutilate the trees like the company has done to others in Charleston.

SCE&G says without this maintenance, the power lines will be in jeopardy.

Although on Thursday, they say they will be open to hearing alternative ways of trimming in order to come up with a compromise.

Troy Miller, the Riverland Terrace Neighborhood Association president, says this is a topic that is close to neighbors' hearts, so they will be showing up and speaking up at the meeting.

“A lot of our historic suburbs that are 100-plus years old have experienced this trimming in the last year and saw it being done different than in the past,” Miller says.

Because of that, you can find signs that say “SCE&G, Don’t Destroy the Terrace Trees!” all over the neighborhood.

Neighbors say they want their voices to be heard when it comes to saving their trees.

“There’s obviously a lot of compromise that goes with this when talking about historic trees,” Miller says. “This work is needed and important, but it shouldn’t take history away in order to maintain and provide power service how they should.”

SCE&G says the trimming will begin in a couple of weeks and if you have concerns, then they want to hear them on Thursday night.

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