Lyft driver raped woman at his apartment, JPSO says

Lyft driver raped woman at his apartment, JPSO says
Hamed Yousef, 30, is a Lyft driver accused of rape. (Source: JPSO)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A Lyft driver is accused of raping a woman after picking her up at a Bywater bar and driving her to his apartment, a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office spokesman said.

Captain Jason Rivarde said the assault occurred on Jan. 23.

Yousef Hamed, 30, of Harvey, was booked with second-degree rape and kidnapping.

The victim used her ride-sharing app to get a driver after having drinks at the bar.

Instead of Hamed driving the woman to her house, which was about a mile away, he took her to his apartment on Manhattan Blvd.

Hamed allegedly told the woman he had to stop at his apartment. When he did, he brought her inside and raped her, Rivarde said.

Hamed drove the woman home. She called New Orleans police the next day.

The suspect’s information was available on the victim’s Lyft app, investigators said.

Lyft gave NOPD and JPSO investigators information about the driver on Jan. 30.

After the JPSO obtained a warrant for his arrest, Hamed was booked into the Jefferson parish Correctional Center where he is being held on a $400,000 bond.

Hamed stated that he had consensual sexual contact with the victim. Hamed also stated that the victim acted in a “childish” manner and admitted that she was intoxicated during the incident, according to the JPSO.

Lyft issued a statement saying, “these allegations are horrific. The safety of our community is our top priority, and we have no tolerance for this behavior on our platform. We have deactivated the driver and reached out to extend our support to the passenger. We have also been in touch with law enforcement, and stand ready to assist with their investigation.”

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