Family pushing for improvements to Maybank Hwy after 36-year-old critically injured in auto pedestrian accident

Family pushing for improvements to Maybank Hwy after 36-year-old critically injured in auto pedestri

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Family members said that 36-year-old David Massie is still in the ICU after he was hit by a car while crossing Maybank Highway on Jan. 29.

Law enforcement records show that Massie was walking home from the Pour House on James Island when he crossed Maybank Highway and was hit by a driver who said he didn’t have enough time to stop.

“We hate he’s gone through this,” Massie’s sister Maria Hagan said about the driver. “No one should go through what our families have been through. It is the definition of an accident.”

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety’s records show this is the sixth person in five years to have been hit by a car along the portion of Maybank Highway between S-444 and S-748.

That area is near the Terrace Theatre and the Pour House, a popular area on James Island.

“This cute little community has grown up and there’s more pedestrians and there’s more opportunities to get out and use your amenities and you can’t do it safely,” Hagan said. “Something has to change or it’s just completely irresponsible.”

Since Massie’s accident, the community has been pushing for changes to make the area safer.

Now, Massie’s family is pushing for change too.

“I don’t want this to happen to any other family or community. I can’t decide who’s the biggest loser here, David, the driver, or the entire community. Because of that change everyone’s going to lose and there’s been enough of that,” Hagan said.

Charleston County Council member Jenny Honeycutt said since Massie’s accident, she’s been working with Charleston Moves, state, local, and city leaders in an effort to get everyone on the same page to address the issues on this area of James Island.

There is a Maybank workshop on Feb. 19. Honeycutt said that is the first step in trying to bring about change.

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