Community members mourn loss of favorite N. Charleston pub, raise money for employees

VIDEO: Community members mourn loss of favorite local pub, raise money for employees

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Members of the North Charleston community are mourning the loss of a pub that they say is more than just a local restaurant, it’s home.

The Madra Rua Irish Pub caught fire early Saturday morning, most of the left side of the building was destroyed.

When asked about the Irish bar in Park Circle, many people had a hard time finding the words to describe how much the place meant to them.

“It’s not like a bar. It’s more like a church almost,” Alan Coker, a patron of Madra Rua says.

But once Coker found the words he was looking for, you could see the fond memories in his eyes as he talked about the booths and barstools that he called his favorite.

“I’ve taken my family there, we’ve had so many great memories and birthdays, we even made plans to celebrate my 50th there next month,” Coker says.

He wasn’t the only one crediting the local pub with years of laughs and love shared in the booths.

“Our community loves Madra Rua, it’s literally the restaurant and pub that started the renovation to our downtown,” Kay Hyman, a neighbor of the pub says.

Hyman says the flames were hard to watch but says she couldn’t take her eyes off the charred Irish flag being shown so much care as the firefighters folded it and handed it to the owners.

“That flag and symbolism of Ireland is a big part of Madra Rua and why it’s so important to us,” Hyman says.

Community members say they are now counting down the days until their favorite pub opens its doors once again.

A Gofundme page has been started to help out the employees who are now out of work and to help open the doors once again.

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