Massive Minnesota snowman towers over neighborhood

Frosty stands 20 feet tall

Massive Minnesota snowman towers over neighborhood
Eric Fobbe builds a 20-foot snowman in his yard in Buffalo, MN. (Source: Anastasia Fobbe)

BUFFALO, MN (Gray News) – For some people, building a snowman is a bit of fun on a winter’s day.

For others, like Eric Fobbe, it’s more of a calling.

With plenty of fresh Minnesota snow on hand, Fobbe, who’s a general contractor, spent his weekend building a snowman even the characters of “Frozen” would be proud of.

His creation is 20 feet tall and farther than that around.

“He used a skid steer (loader), snow blower, shovel and other miscellaneous tools to form the body,” wife Anastasia Fobbe said Monday. “The circles are made of wood that he cut, and spray painted black. He attached dowels to them to jam them into the snow. And the scarf is 5 yards of red fabric that was a tad too small.”

Eric Fobbe had plenty of raw material to work with. The Twin Cities-area got hit with up to 20 inches of snow.

Buffalo is about 40 miles northwest of Minneapolis.

This is the second year in a row Fobbe has gone big in his snowman construction.

Last year’s creation was 13 feet tall.

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