Heart patients celebrate at Trident Medical Center

New collaborative helps patients show their hearts more love

VIDEO: Heart patients celebrate at Trident Medical Center

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Trident Medical Center is sharing good news about heart health.

A new collaborative effort is helping patients who have suffered heart failure.

“In 2008 I had a repeat heart attack. I received three stents at that time. 2014 I was diagnosed with AFib,” Melissa Ellington-Myers said.

The Goose Creek woman had her first heart attack in 2006.

"I was like in the hospital every six months, every two weeks, or every week. I was in the hospital more than I was at home" Ellington-Myers said.

But thanks to the Heart Healthy Collaborative at Trident Medical Center, she's showing her heart more love.

Chelsey Kight is her nurse practitioner.

"The goal of the program is to keep patients out of the hospital and just help manage their symptoms a little better, because we focus a little bit more time and effort on to them, talking about them every two weeks," Kight said.

They also check in with the patients weekly to keep them on track.

"I was just calling to see how you were feeling, if you're weighing yourself daily, if you're taking your medicines. So it's just kind of a weekly accountability check in and that's really helpful for our patients," Kight said.

Ellington-Myers says it's made a big difference.

"By learning the right diet, and how to eat, I was able to lose weight and manage my medicines better," Ellington-Myers said.

This gathering you is very special.

It’s a chance for the heart patients and their families to come together and meet with other patients and their families and celebrate another year of good heart health habits.

And Ellington-Myers plans to be here every time the hospital hosts this reunion.

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