Multi-year project to replace Battery seawall now underway

VIDEO: Multi-year project to replace Battery seawall now underway

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The project to replace the seawall at the Battery has begun as part of the city of Charleston’s comprehensive sea level rise strategy.

The city is expecting the first phase of the replacement to take about a year. The first section under construction is the Tradd Street side near the Coast Guard station. After that section is completed, they'll replace another section of the seawall, and then continue to replace sections as they make their way towards White Point Gardens.

One of the conceptual designs the city is considering for the part of the seawall near the gardens is pictured above. This strategy involves removing all the parking along the water to allow for a widened and raised waterfront walkway. That walkway's height would match the highest part of the seawall near the bend.

The whole project is expected to take several years but no official timeline has been released.

Jacob Lindsey is the director of planning for the city of Charleston, and he said the project is estimated to cost $50 million.

“This of course is going to be built with modern technology,” Lindsey said. “It’s going to be more solidly constructed than the previous one, anchored deeper into the bottom of the river.”

The new seawall is designed to combat flooding and sea level rise. In the past few years alone, the Battery has been bombarded by several hurricanes and large storms. This has caused intense flooding from the water that splashes over the wall.

Portions of the roadway will also be closed at certain points during construction, and the city says those living in the area will be notified before they are.

The replacement project is seperate from the repairs the city must do to the seawall because of Hurricane Michael and Irma.

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