New speed humps on James Island causing new issues for first responders

VIDEO: New speed humps on James Island causing new issues for first responders

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - For years the Harbor Woods neighborhood on James Island has been used as a cut through to avoid traffic. Recently, multiple speed humps have been installed to calm traffic.

Some people who live in the area say it may be helping to slow down traffic but it’s also slowing down folks who are in emergency situations.

“They’ll take an alternate route to avoid that particular stretch with a speed hump,” Shawn Engleman, the James Island Public Service District Chief of Administration said. “Unfortunately that puts in another area and we find they tend to put speed humps in those areas as well but we do our best to find a route that’s fastest and avoids the obstacles as best as we can.”

Some have complained that one of the new speed humps is higher than the others.

One woman who drives a handicap accessible van says her husband had a medical emergency and as she was trying to drive him to the hospital, her van couldn’t make it over the speed hump. when it comes to emergency response officials, they've noticed issues also.

So far there hasn’t been a drastic increase in response times but James Islands Public Service District’s Fire Chief of Administers says that’s because they’ve been working around the issues.

The Public Service District says they’re average response time right now is under 5 minutes.

“When you’re going to a medical call, 30 to 45 seconds can make the difference between a positive outcome and having someone who doesn’t survive or may have some effects in the long run” Engleman said.

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