Report: Kidnapper beat couple in the face with tire iron, then planned to sexually assault woman

VIDEO: Kidnapper beat couple in the face with tire iron, planned to sexually assault woman, report says

ORANGEBURG COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Lowcountry deputies have arrested an Horry County man who they say beat a couple in the face using a tire iron then planned to sexually assault the woman until the truck he was driving got stuck in a ditch.

The Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office charged 36-year-old Thomas Jordan Hill with two counts of attempted murder, one count of kidnapping, and two counts of possession of a weapon during a crime.

“This is just brutal attack of unchecked rage against two people who did nothing but try to help this individual,” Sheriff Leroy Ravenell said. “There is information this individual may have been under the influence of drugs. But that’s no excuse for attacking someone at any level, or for any crime for that matter.”

During a hearing on Friday, Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Victim’s Advocate Director Chandra McPherson told the court the victims remained hospitalized with their injuries, and the woman suffered multiple facial fractures including a broken nose.

“Both McPherson and lead Investigator Marty Carrigg told the court they believe the Horry County man to be a danger to the community,” OCSO officials said."The court agreed, denying bond on all charges."

Deputies responded to Theater Road near Holly Hill early Thursday morning after a witness reported seeing a man with severe injuries lying in the roadway.

The man told deputies he was attacked by a man wielding a tire iron in the attack who beat him in the face and head.

“The man told deputies Hill was possibly on ‘some bad drugs,’ and that he was attempting to get Hill away from the illegal narcotics,” OCSO officials said.

Deputies located the man’s truck in a ditch further down Theater Drive after the man said Hill had taken it.

“As deputies approached the truck, they heard Hill yelling and then a woman screaming,” OCSO officials said."The man holding the woman was eventually dragged from the truck and the woman freed."

The woman said Hill had stated he was going to sexually assault her, and was in the process of driving her to another location when the truck became stuck, according to a report.

She said Hill had also beat her in the face with the tire iron and used a syringe to stab her multiple times, the report states.

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